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ColorDyne Ltd is a start-up company who have developed a range of tuneable spectrum LED light fittings for use in both scientific and architectural lighting applications, where the ability to fine tune the light spectrum is important, alongside high levels of beam uniformity.  We provide custom control software that can be integrated within your scientific experiment, and we utilise 3D printing to allow us to tailor the product design to your specific requirements.  

Whether it is an LED torch, a specialist desk lamp, a scientific inspection lantern or a whole-of-room lighting system the customisable ColorDyne lighting system allows you to control the spectral output across the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared regions of the spectrum, whatever your application.

Attend our presentation: Dr Neil Haigh will be speaking at 14:35 in the "Advances in Photonic Tools and Techniques for life Sciences". Learn more about this meeting and other speakers here.

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