Quantum enhanced imaging - breaking new ground

Quantum Technologies Day

In recent years, and made possible by funding through The UK Quantum Technologies Programme, research in quantum technologies - considered to be those that harness quantum physics to gain a functionality or performance which is otherwise unattainable - has taken a
huge leap forward. Now there are numerous potential opportunities and quantum technologies utilised in real-world applications will have a real impact. Should you be using them? Attend this meeting to discover more.


Most recently Quantum Technologies, single photon detection arrays, have been applied in the latest LiDAR systems and in spectroscopic techniques such as fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) for example.

Session 1 | am

Quantum Technologies - components to systems

In this session Fraunhofer CAP will showcase several of their industrial customers and collaborators who will present their great progress in commercialising Quantum Technologies (excluding only quantum imaging; which is the focus of the afternoon session).


The session will close with a panel discussion and Q and A from the audience.



Session 2 | pm

Applications of quantum technologies

In the life sciences; advances in detection along with novel data processing methods developed in the quantum optics community have opened up fundamentally new opportunities for faint-light metrology down to the single molecule.

In defence and national security; key application areas for Quantum Enhanced Imaging and applications of potential interest include: The ability to detect gases, detect objects round corners, through buildings, fog, smoke or dust, or build images with very little light.


In this session QuantIC and Photonics Scotland research what's going on in Scotland and identifies new opportunities for industry.

Programme Organisers

Session 1 | am

Simon Andrews, Fraunhofer UK Research

Session 2 | pm

Kevin McIver, Business Development Manager, QuantIC Innovation Space, University of Glasgow

Stephen Taylor, Technology Scotland

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